Dear customers, suppliers and collaborators;

Mecyplastec, S.L.,
informs that in compliance with Art.10.2 of RD 463/2020, by which the State of Alarm is declared for the management of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19, it will take the following measures from day 18 -03-2020:

  1. The Mecyplastec, S.L. is committed and will do everything in its power to continue offering our customers excellent service.
  2. The hours of customer service, suppliers and reception, shipping and delivery of material will be from 7 am to 3 pm.
  3. The staff of Mecyplastec, S.L. will limit the exits and visits to clients and suppliers to those that are strictly urgent and necessary.
  4. Entrance to a person outside the company will not be allowed without first having followed the safety and hygiene regulations established by the company, and has been previously authorized by those responsible for the prevention of occupational risks of the company.

Today, the rapid evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic makes it difficult to foresee the effects that may occur on the compliance and continuity of the activity and that is why we will keep you continuously informed about the evolution of the general and particular situation. of their offers, orders and other situations that Mecyplastec considers that may affect them.  

Please accept our apologies for all the inconveniences that these measures may cause you.

Thank you very much for your understanding and for continuing to trust Mecyplastec, S.L.  

Mecyplastec, S.L.