Project Description

Packaging and food

We have suitable machinery for the manufacture of flat parts, such as Stars, Guides and Profilesfor the Packaging and bottling industry, Packaging. Also suitable for the manufacture of Molds for the Food sector or flat geometry parts for any type of industry.

By vacuum suction we avoid gagging, achieving greater agility and maximum amortization of the raw material. With benches of up to 3.5 m., We can offer large pieces.

We reduce the twisting of thermoplastic materials thanks to lowering them slowly, managing to extract tensions and avoiding arrows or buckling.

We have engineering focused on the development of format changes in the Packaging industry, in reference to packaging processing, for all types of geometries, from the beginning to the end of its line.

We carry out the precise sketching of your Packaging machine with the support of advanced technology. We offer design development for format changes for new packaging. From the sketches of your bench, and components we can develop your new project.

We design and provide the necessary metal components for the pre-assembly of your Packaging formats, in stainless materials. We offer materials that give you greater performance, guarantee and quality.

Our main objective is to achieve the reduction of costs that arise from maintenance stops. We offer Physiologically inert materials, certified by the FDA, for the food industry, in natural colors, in blue and detectable blue. Migration tests, with traceability from the origin of obtaining the semi-finished product.

We work with the best raw material manufacturers that are offered in the market, ensuring and supporting the quality of the product from the origin. Our added value, technical advice. We make our experience and knowledge available to the client.

Work done