Project Description

Augers and Turners in plastic for engineering

We produce Augers and Turners for packaging processing with simple, complex geometries, light, unstable or fragile packaging.

With the contribution of some basic basic data from our clients, we develop the progression for a stable sliding of your container.

We are specialists in the development of engineering for format changes in rotary packaging machinery.

We study the geometry, center of gravity and complexity of its container, in addition to the liquids to be packaged, since depending on the part of the line that needs to be modified, these may vary the geometry and volume of the bottle.

We will offer materials that bring greater profitability to your application. We have advanced technology for sketching your bench and components, obtaining precision and solving possible problems caused by maintenance. We provide technical advice to increase the useful life of your plastic components, and reduce maintenance costs.

We can achieve increased productivity thanks to improvements in design and materials. We deliver the Augers and Turners, in addition to stars and guides, with the metallic parts necessary for the start-up. Shafts, bearings, etc … in stainless steels. We deliver it fully pre-assembled for quick installation.


Constant step

Variable Step

With determined turn to program stop

Vertically turned of its bottle. 45º or 90º turns by means of double endless

Double helix

To separate lines


Turn at 90º

Turn at 180º

For round and oval cans

For circular or oval glass

Work done


Because packaging design is becoming more complex every day, we have the possibility of developing special projects. We can flip a container on its horizontal axis as its vertical axis.