Enter the world of plastic machining by Mecyplastec

Mecyplastec is a company born in 1996 with the aim of satisfying the needs in the plastics industry. Dedicated to the mechanization of plastics for engineering drawing or sample.

We have facilities of more than 1,200 m2, for the machining and handling of plastics for engineering.

We use the latest technology in CNC, CAD / CAM and CAE, combined with rigorous quality control, guaranteeing the requirements of our clients, as well as surface finishes and tolerances.

We provide technical advice on any application or project through our engineering department.

Throughout the years, Mecyplastec S.L. has become a leader in machinable plastics for engineering, offering solutions for any type of application:

  • Machined by chip removal, all kinds of parts under drawing in technical plastics.

  • Advice on specific projects and applications.

  • Technical plastics in bars, plates and tubes.

  • Protections and closings in Polycarbonate and PETG.

  • Vending sector: front panels in PC, PETG and PET.

We work in different sectors:

  • Packing

  • Feeding

  • Automotive

  • Elevation

  • Wind

  • Chemical

  • Technical Medicine

  • Aeronautical

  • Ferrovial

  • Etc.