Project Description

Antistatic plastics. Godets and Puck Shirts

Antistatic plastics are mainly the materials used to make Godets or Puck shirts (cases).

They are materials loaded with graphite. Thanks to these graphite charges, antistatic plastics go from being electrical insulators to electrical conductors.

Mainly this type of application produces contact rubbing, contact rubbing produces static charge generating current. It is for this reason that they are appropriate materials for installations with hydro-alcoholic environments where deflagration can occur.

They are antistatic plastics suitable for compliance with ATEX regulations.

It is very important to use antistatic plastics in areas where “clouds” generated by the fuels are generated. In areas called zero is where there is the greatest risk of fire.

We manufacture Godets under plan or sample, for the processing of complex bottles.

We offer the best quality materials, with low coefficient of friction and wear.

Work done