Project Description

Plastic Pulleys and Wheels

The pulleys and wheels in technical plastics have high resistance to loads for rolling work, with high resistance to flexion fatigue, in applications with high throws.

The PV factor is a determining factor for this type of application where, for dry work, technical plastics are ideal.

Materials seven times lighter than conventional steel which do not corrode. Considerable reduction in noise.

Excellent resistance to creep and fatigue on contact.

Mainly for the movement lifting industry. Cable car cranes with high load movement. There are specific plastics for this type of applications where, mainly pressure rolling and rolling with high moments of inertia are demanded.

These types of applications also demand materials suitable for sliding (pressure by speed PV) for the manufacture of skates. Plastics are the best ally due to their low Stik-Slip coefficient (soft start and stop).

Plastic pulleys, wheels and skates in plastics are materials that do not need to be lubricated, they can work dry. Ideal for outdoors and for machinery manufactured for construction, where they are mostly rental machines and do not have optimal maintenance. Therefore the need to grease to avoid problems is no longer so necessary.

The plastic pulleys, plastic wheels and plastic skates obtained mainly in nylon pre-cast by casting and after machining, with specific loads for self-lubrication, are ideal for this type of industry where environments are hostile due to the aggregates generated during the processes of I work on the construction. plastic pulleys provide longer life to cables than metal pulleys, thanks to the ease of rolling and being softer materials than metal cables.

As indicated above, this type of application does not need to be greased, but if it is greased, the heat is more easily dissipated and its resistance to speed pressure can be doubled in some technical plastic.

Work done