Sector: Oil and Gas

Solutions in plastic materials for the oil and gas sector

The oil and gas industry requires materials that have high temperature and pressure resistance (HTHP), good mechanical and chemical resistance and that can withstand the most extreme conditions. Thanks to very modern materials with many advantages, our technical plastics can play an important role in improving current solutions in the oil and gas industry.

Mecyplastec has invested heavily in research and development (R&D) to find innovative solutions to new technological challenges. Mecyplastec uses its experience in the development and manufacture of engineering and high-performance plastic materials to expand its product portfolio to meet the specific requirements of the automotive industry. oil and gasand adapt them to various applications.

With extensive experience in the oil and gas field, Mecyplastec works closely with its clients to achieve the best solutions that best suit the needs of their application. Our technical service can provide our customers with suggestions of certified materials, which can be confirmed in actual tests.

Systems used in the oil and gas industry today use modern materials such as:

  • Polyimide,
  • PTFE,
  • PA 6 C.
  • PEEK.
The electrical properties of these polymers allow special component design. In addition, Mecyplastec’s PEEK products have been tested in accordance with EN ISO 23936-1 and NORSOK M-710 to verify the material’s resistance to exposure to severe conditions.
The advantages of weight reduction, corrosion resistance, thermal separation and minimal noise emissions provided by these materials can lead to typical applications such as hydrophone housings, valve seats, support rings, bearings and gears.