Dear customers, suppliers and collaborators of Sociedad Mecyplastec, SL.

Following the latest decrees of the Spanish Government and especially Royal Decree-Law 9/2020, of March 27, and Royal Decree-Law 10/2020 of March 29, by which complementary measures are adopted, in the workplace , to alleviate the effects derived from COVID-19, Mecyplastec, SL. informs them that:

1- From March 30, 2020 until April 13, 2020, Mecyplastec, SL. It will remain closed, except to meet the needs of our clients that its activity is framed within the essential activities described in Royal Decrees 9/2020 and 10/2020, and therefore giving continuity to the supply of all those products and services related to the activities detailed in sections 2, 4 and 5 of the annex to RD 10/2020.

Until the last moment we have tried to maintain our activity so that our clients, suppliers and collaborators are minimally affected by this global emergency situation, at this moment due to legal imperative and social conscience, we regret to indicate that it is no longer possible except for previously discussed.

During this period, we will not be able to send or receive merchandise and our facilities will remain closed, except for those services and products mentioned in the previous paragraph.  

2- We make available to our clients, suppliers and collaborators a small work team to guarantee the minimum administrative and productive continuity of the emergency. All that information or consultation that is required and is urgent and essential, can be channeled through the email and from this address it will be forwarded to the retention team so that they can respond.

Today, the rapid evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic makes it difficult to foresee an exact date for the resumption of normal activity and that is why we will keep you, as far as possible, continuously informed about the evolution of the situation. general and particular of their offers, orders and other situations that Mecyplastec considers that may affect them.

We invite you to consult our website where updated information on the situation of our activity and services will be published.

Please accept our apologies for all the inconveniences that these measures may cause you and we take the opportunity to convey a message of support, encouragement and hope for all.

A big hug for everyone

Thank you very much for your understanding and for continuing to trust Mecyplastec, S.L.

Mecyplastec, S.L.