Plastic and mechanized parts have become indispensable components and parts in the construction of machinery for food and in the processes of making sausages, skewers, hamburgers, etc.).

Mecyplastec contributes its experience in this sector with reference clients both in Spain and in Europe, solutions in the manufacture of plastic machined parts and packaging subsets. Materials of infinity of colors are used, suitable for contact with food. In this sense, our products comply with the regulations for the manufacture and use of materials and dyes. (With FDA and migration certifications).

We know how to handle all kinds of geometries and we offer our clients top-quality technical advice to carry out all kinds of parts, from the most complex to the simplest with premium finishes.

We handle all kinds of projects, from initial design, making samples and prototypes, to the final piece.

We are manufacturers of mechanized parts and we put all the technology and the best professionals at your disposal so that you do not have to worry about anything, you show us your project and we will do the rest, we need your designs in dimensioned pdf format and the 3D plans for its manufacture.

Our technicians will inform you at all times about the best materials and the best options for carrying it out, this translates into a reduction in costs and a shortening of the process periods. For more information on materials and the manufacture of your machined parts, please contact us.